R1b BLUE Edmond Beasley born 1797 GA. Added discussion

I had a detailed description trying to deal with the BLUE CLAN Edmond Beasley 1797 and compare that with others in your Some Beasley Families. I just found something that caused me to delete and start over.
Our Edmond 1797 b GA (M Sarah) is well laid out in the 1850 census in Tippecanoe, IN that links the date and place of birth with a set of family members clearly connected to the man tested. I found that people listing these families in Ancestry Trees appear to conflate a couple different Edmonds. The core of that conflation appears to be a family located at Franklin County, Kentucky and a family located at Franklin County, Georgia. Typically, those who identify a father (undocumented) for Edmond, list Edmond Beasley b abt 1750 and Edmond Beasley b abt 1768. Also typically included is a marriage record between Edward Beasley and Sally Hendrix(cks) 1827 in Woodford County, KY. Therefore people often identify Edmond's wife as "Sarah Sally Hendricks".
I had found tax records in Franklin Co GA for Edmond Beasley in 1800 and 1802. Continuing until 1819, I also found tax records for John Beasley, "? Beasley", and "? & Daughtery Beasley" (Dougherty?). Therefore, I supposed this Edmond as father of Edmond 1797 and John as Uncle connected by an unknown Beasley.
Then, I noticed p 33 of Some Beasley Families identifying an Edmund Beazley (abt 1755) m Nancy Moore who moved to Franklin County, GA. So that would likely be the one showing up in the 1800-02 tax records. He had an older brother John, but that one died in 1782 in VA, so likely the John in Franklin County would be a son or nephew of Edmund 1755. What's tricky is that this tags BLUE CLAN on a Part 1 line back to William 1650. So far in Part one we have another BLUE CLAN, a YELLOW CLAN, an OLIVE CLAN (E1b1) and a PURPLE CLAN (R1a) all intruding on what I thought would be YELLOW territory.
I was also comparing the Franklin County KY connection and find on pp 42-3 you have an Edmund who shows up as co-executor for Henry Crutcher (1807) and Benjamin Beasley (1796). You list these as possible sons of William and Ann (Hurt) Beazley due to this slim connection. I found an extended layout of the Kentucky clan HERE that lays out the relationships between the Beasley's (William and Ann, et al.) and the Crutchers. It doesn't mention an Edmond or Benjamin. Could this Edmond have been the Franklin Co GA Beasley passing through on the way to Indiana? I found Edmund Beasley in Fayette, KY in 1820 that could be either or neither, I suppose.
In my work with Edmond 1797 from the 1850 census, I tried to find a trail in that direction. I had identified and Edmond Beasley in Greene Co IN 1830 and Jennings Co IN 1840, but the family ages didn't match very well. (Many Ancestry trees identify the children of Edmond 1797 to be born in Jennings County, IN without documentation.) Then, I found an actual land record for Greene Co, IN 1827 clearly written as Edmond Ephraim Beazley. In SBF, you have Edmond's and Ephraim's, but not Edmond Ephraim, though there are other Trees identifying that full name.
In those other trees identifying Edmund Ephraim Beasley, he is typically shown as born about 1800 (Jefferson KY) d 1885 (Iowa). He is shown to have married Louisa Dougherty. Parents Charles Beasley 1770-1805 and Ellender Dougherty 1777-1805. Coincidentally, note Franklin County GA tax list for "? & Daughtery Beasley".
Do you think what we have on Edmund Beazley (1755) son of James and Ann (Reynolds) Beazley would point to Edmond 1797 being his son? This includes your note on SBF p 33, along with the Franklin County Tax records.

R1b BLUE Edmond Beasley born 1797 GA.

Edmond Beasley 1797 line was established with YDNA testing by Mr. B K Beasley (FTDNA Kit #457183) who was a close match with the BLUE CLAN. His mother manages the DNA account and is a member of the Beasley Project.

Edmond was b 1797 in Georgia. His family is well defined in the 1850 census. He had three sons, two of whom (Calvin and James) established descendant families. James moved to Missouri by 1860. Calvin’s family moved to Illinois before 1860 and on to Missouri after 1870. Of the 5 daughters, their families migrated to Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska.

There is an Edmond Beasley born about 1768 who is said to be father of Edmond 1797. Edmond 1768 is said variously to be from Franklin County, Kentucky and Franklin County, Georgia. There is an Edmond Beasley in Woodford County, KY in 1810 and 1820 of the approximate age, but the children shown do not allow for a male of the age of Edmond 1797. The 1810 census shows Edmond Beasley 9 family and 11 slaves, Charles Beasley 9 family and 11 slaves, and Catherine Beasley only with 2 slaves. John Beatty in Some Beasley Families pp 42-3 refers to an Edmund Beasley associated with Beasley's from Caroline County, VA who migrated to Franklin County KY. He is listed a co-executor of the will of Henry Crutcher, husband of Martha Beazley daughter of William and Ann Beasley. There is no proof that this Edmund is son of William and Ann, but that would account for the confusion with Edmond Beasley from Georgia.

There is a marriage record for Edward Beasley and Sally Hendrix in Woodford County, Kentucky that is often attributed to Edmond Beasley 1797. Since this marriage record is Sally and the 1850 census refers to Sarah, Edmond’s spouse is often referred to as “Sarah Sally Hendrix”. I believe this is an error, particularly as we consider Sarah’s age. (See below)

Edmond 1797 is consistently reported as having been born in Georgia. There is an Edmond Beasley reported in tax lists in 1800 and 1802 in Franklin County, Georgia that would be a better fit as father of Edmond 1797, but documented evidence is lacking. There is also a John Beasley reported in Franklin Co, GA tax lists. As a theory, I am listing this Edmond to be father of Edmond, Jr along with John as possible brother with an unknown Beasley father.

The 1850 census is the only document identifying the age of Edmond’s wife, Sarah. The census document itself appears ambiguous. The transcription on Ancestry says her age is 38, but others have indicated, alternately, 32, 52, and 58. The figures 32 and 58 place her on an extreme edge for childbearing of known children. In close examination of the document and comparing with others on the same page, my best judgment is that the age intended by the census taker was 38, which appear most reasonable.

There is an atDNA cousin match between a female descendant of Edmond 1797 and a known relative of a YELLOW CLAN Beezley. However, I’m seeing no indications of a male Beasley connection, so pending further evidence, it appears that the connection is from a female line yet unknown.

I have found no evidence of an early Edmond or Edmund among BLUE CLAN trees. Edmond is more common in YELLOW CLAN and in Beatty’s Part I. BLUE CLAN does include at least 2 Edmonds born in the mid to late 19th century.