RJ Beasley (84639 Y67) is the FTDNA participant who establishes this patriarch tree. His earliest known ancestor was Daniel Beasley b 1805 in NC (wife Mary) who is found in the 1850 Census for Hamilton County, Illinois with six sons and 4 daughters. Daniel Beasley was his gg grandfather. It appears likely that Daniel was a son of Barrett Beasley who was son of John Pitts Beasley. Barnett had a son Daniel. Barnett and many of his children moved to Tennessee in the time frame that Daniel and his family moved there. RJ Beasley is found to have an atDNA match with a descendant of Daniel Baugh, father of Barnett’s wife Susannah.

However, a known direct descendant of John Pitts Beasley is a match for a known descendant of John Pitts from the family frequenting the same community. Unknown at this time if the name and atDNA connection is pertinant.

Daniel Beasley was born in North Carolina, exact location uncertain. By the 1830’s they had moved to Tennessee where their children were born through the 1840’s. Shortly after the birth of their youngest child, they appeared in the 1850 census in Hamilton County, Illinois. Daniel and his wife, Mary lived in Illinois for the remainder of their lives.

Of their 10 children, only 5 have been located after the 1850 census. Of those, two (Abraham and Ozias) were single and childless. Henry Washington Beasley was married and lived in Illinois until about 1865 when the family moved to Kansas. By 1876 they had moved to Joplin Missouri where they lived the remainder of their lives. Henry was the ancestor of RJ Beasley. Daughter Mary married Andrew Shepherd and had at least 5 children in Illinois, remaining there until at least 1910. Anna married Granville Johns in Illinois and had 2 sons and a daughter before her death in 1860. Granville remained unmarried and moved to Arkansas with his daughter after she was married in 1889. Of the sons, one also moved to Arkansas at that time and the other stayed in Illinois.




RM Beasley (N106293 Y37) and CE Beasley (N23327 Y67) have a known common ancestor John Robert Beasley born 1829 in NC. Their earliest Patriarch was Robert Beasley, b abt 1750 in North Carolina (Spouse unknown, 3 sons and 1 daughter known). CE is deceased and his daughter is the Project member providing information. RM has done extensive genealogy and technology work.

The possible connection with John Pitts Beasley is more problematic. If JPB turns out to be a YDNA match with OLIVE CLAN, then there is the question of relationship. Robert’s birth is estimated about 1750 and JPB about 1740 which would mean they might be brothers but not son/father. That would mean that the carrier of the E1b1 haplotype would have to be a common father of John and Robert. If John’s birth was earlier and Robert’s later, that could fit as father/son. Of JPB’s other sons, JPB Junior was born 1776 and the other’s unknown. That would make it appear less likely that JPB Sr’s birth was much earlier than 1740.

Robert Beasley (spouse unknown) had a daughter and three sons. The only one we have been able to track is Henry, born in Bladen, NC where he married Susannah Sasser. 2 daughters and 4 sons were born in North Carolina (Bladen or Columbus). Their youngest daughter was born in 1840 at the time the family was located in Macon, Georgia. By 1850, they had moved to Pike County, Alabama where she died about 1857 and he about 1865.

Of the 5 children who went on to have families, Mary Polly was married in Alabama and had 7 children until her husband’s death in 1862. She followed her son and family to Mississippi where she died. John Robert, Akious and Henry Thomas all stayed in Alabama, while the youngest son, William L, moved to Texas in the late 1870’s.