The Amazing Yellow Clan - Beazley's, Beasley's, and Beezley's

Over the years of collecting Beasley YDNA, we have developed significant matching clusters. Among the largest and most diverse is the YDNA Haplotype designated "Yellow Clan". In addition to a significant collection of colonial Beasley's going back to the 17th Century in Old Rappahannock County in Virginia, we have two tested lines originating in England, one of which settled in Nova Scotia. (Note, the author and Project Administrator is of the Blue Clan, another major line originating in colonial Maryland.) There are presently 14 YDNA tests closely matching Yellow Clan. While we have been able to assemble some of the matches into a lineage with a common ancestor from the 17th century, many lineages remain with an unknown common ancestor. However, in every case, the match is close enough to suggest that the common ancestor may be within a historically knowable time frame.

Chart All YellowClan

Here you see twelve tested men representing ten separate Lineages each with its own Earliest Known Beasley Ancestor (EKBA). The earliest of the ancestors is William Beasley born about 1650, perhaps in England. The matches are very close. Nine of the twelve are tested at 67 markers. Two of the tests have a Genetic Distance of two (GD2) from the Modal Haplotype, Five are GD1 and five are GD0. The Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) for ALL of the tested men would likely have lived in England before the early 17th century. The MRCA for the United States lineages is possibly in the 18th century.

In addition to the twelve tests above, we have two matches at 12 markers and another four lineage trees that are suggested as possible Yellow Clan from Autosomal DNA evidence.