The Beasley Project is here to encourage sharing and collaboration. Our aim is to find all there is to be known about Beasley's of all spellings from our earliest Beasley ancestors to our family relationships today. Whether you are a long-time researcher or newly interested in your Beasley Ancestry, you can help.

We need to begin with who you are and what you know about your family history. From that, we can find who is related and who has common interests. To do that, we need to have trust and sharing.

To join the project, you will be asked for some information. This information will NOT be publicly available but much of it WILL BE available to other Project Members.

The following information will be ONLY available to project administrators: Street address, Phone numbers, email address.

We will need to know your Beasley "Pedigree", that is, everything you know about your own Beasley ancestry.

We will need to know if you have a family tree available, including documentation, that you can share with the Project.

We will need to know what kind of genealogical DNA testing you have available and where that can be found.

Using this information, we will tell you everything we know about how you are connected with other Project members, with our established family trees and DNA results.

We will also suggest to what you might do to help us learn even more.

Finally, you will be able to see the results of ongoing research as more is discovered.