The Beasley Project, as a One Name Study, seek data about all Beasleys, all Spellings, all Time, Worldwide. That data is collected and organized relationally. That is, information about individuals are related in families and families are related in generations.
The clearest way to organize data like this is a Family Tree. The specific type of tree in the Project is the "Patriarch Tree". A Patriarch Tree is headed by the earliest known Patriarch and includes all descendants. (In a few cases the earliest known ancestor is a woman, but mostly the male progenitor.)
In most cases, a Patriarch Tree is based on the pedigree of at least one living descendant. In the case where that descendant is a male Beasley who has participated in the YDNA study at FTDNA, that tree is typed, first by broad YDNA Haplotype (specifically for the Beasley Project, R1b, R1a, E1b1 and I1), second, within that Haplotype, into "CLANS". A CLAN would be defined by FTDNA participants whose genetic distance is near enough to "match" at least one other participant. NOTE
The CLANS are designated by color and the tree by the identity of the Patriarch: name, approximate date and place of birth. For example, R-BLUE-WilliamBeesley1680MD. When an Patriarch is identified or two Patriarch Trees merged, the Patriarch name would change, but the Haplotype and CLAN remain the same. Those Patriarch Trees without YDNA tests are noted as Haplotype X.  Those with a tested Haplotype, but no genetic match are designated as "WHITE" clan. Those without YDNA testing or documented connection but with evidence suggesting a possible connection (e.g. atDNA) are designated, for example, X-YELLOW. Those with tests submitted but awaiting results are designated X-PENDING. Those with no testing and no provisional connection are designated X-UNTESTED. As of January 2016, we have 50 Patriarch Trees:
E-OLIVE - 2 trees
I SILVER - 1 tree
I-WHITE - 1 tree
R-BLUE- 5 trees
R-GREEN - 1  tree
R-ORANGE - 1 tree
R-PURPLE - 1 tree
R-RED - 1 tree
R-TEAL - 2 trees
R-WHITE - 5 trees
R-YELLOW - 5 trees
X-PENDING - 2 trees
X-UNTESTED - 15 trees
X-YELLOW - 8 trees
Most of the Patriarchs were born in America (US/Colonies) except: England - 5, Australia - 1, New Zealand - 1, Sweden? - 1