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The central purpose of the Beasley Genealogy Project is to document and preserve the best possible information about Beasley’s and Beasley descendants. This is done by people linking up at the Beasley Genealogy Project website by becoming Registered project members. The purpose of registration is:

•    Collaboration: there are perhaps hundreds of people who have an interest in Beasley genealogy and have actively worked on their own Beasley ancestry. Only rarely have these people worked together except for brief times. Collaboration implies mutual sharing of information and a commitment to a common purpose over time.
•    Communication: Over the past decade or longer, I have communicated with many people interested in Beezley genealogy (at first) and later all spellings. This communication has been by email, phone, various bulletin boards. Sometimes two or three others will be involved in this communication for a short time. But the messages and the people are easily lost and forgotten. The Project communication needs to be brought to a common gathering “place” and preserved.
•    Relationships: People need to know each other, trust each other and easily recover personal information and relationship when we forget or lose touch for a while. This included who you are, where you are, who you are related to and what are your interests and resources. Mutuality. This is the basis of collaboration and communication.
•    Participation: This will vary from person to person and for any one person it may vary depending on time and circumstance. For some this will be minimally providing some information, seeking some information, meeting some people and watching for updates. For others this could involve active research and project support.
The process of registration is to provide personal information, some of which is shared with other Registered project members and some is only available to Project administrators. In addition to basic identifying information, one must provide enough genealogical information (specifically, Beasley pedigree) to be able to a) be placed in an existing Project Patriarch Tree or b) to build a new Project Patriarch Tree.
The Project will endeavor to identify YDNA type of each Patriarch Tree through YDNA profiles of male Beasley descendants. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it will be assumed that ALL descendants of that Patriarch are of the same type. In the case where men with a matching YDNA profile do not share the same Patriarch, it will be assumed that there is an earlier common ancestor. The Project’s objective will be to find that common ancestor.