About 2004, Doug Beezley learned about the use of DNA in the course of working on another surname and started a Beasley Project at Heritage DNA, submitting his own starters. Soon after, Mark Beasley signed up and sent in his own sample where we learned that Mark and Doug were not related.

It didn't stop there, as Mark did two great things. He contacted Beasley's all over the country and got more people to sign up. He also reignited a moribund Beasley Project at Family Tree DNA where the project lives today. This was a good thing because Heritage has folded and FTDNA is the premier genealogical DNA company around.

A funny thing happened along the way. Many of the people Mark signed up, he presumed to be HIS relatives. Turns out many of them (Beasley's all) were related to Doug and not Mark. That led to some questions, some answers and more questions. Along the way, we have found some connections that have greatly expanded several family trees, we have found three different lines of Beezley's that likely account for perhaps 90% of the living Beezley's in the US today. Today, there are dozens of YDNA samples included in the Beasley DNA project.

We do know that the genetic relationship goes back to the time (before 1800) when name spelling was less settled, leading to the conclusion that spelling does not necessarily result in relatedness. We have begun to piece together more family trees and are a number of separate lineages to be found. We are ripe to encourage more participants and to motivate current participants to help us learn and explore.