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When using the surname Beasley in this project, it is meant to also include spelling variations. Beasley is used as the generic case because it is the most prevalent form.
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Stick to the mission: Beasley (all spellings) and descendants. Let this be a successful part of your overall genealogy goals.

Be kind and generous with others. Welcome and assist new folks.

Give some, get some... share with others as you wish them to share with you.

Avoid politics or religion except in the factual historical sense.

Approach difference of opinion with respect and an open mind. Evidence and logic prevails.

Learn and have fun with it.

Pedigree Explanation

This information will be used to establish if you fit into an existing Project Patriarch Tree or if we need to create a new one. This information will not be shown as such on your published profile but will be used by administration. The information we request is ONLY for your Beasley (of any spelling) line. If you were born a Beasley, then this will typically be your father, his father, etc. If your nearest Beasley is, for example, your grandmother on your mother's side, then trace the line like this:

  • Gen 1, your parents
  • Gen 2, your mother's parents
  • Gen 3, parents of your mother's mother

In each generation give as much of the following information that you know:

  • Full given name (birth name) of father and mother
  • Year and place of birth
  • Year and place of death
  • Any clarifying comments appreciated

Show as many generations as you know. If you don't know or remember for sure, just give an estimate. We can check facts later.

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