normal Solomon Beasley and Rachel Taylor in relation to Richard Beasley and Martha Cook

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10 Mar 2017 07:32 #103 by Sharon Glover
I am hoping someone can help me with the relationship between Solomon and Richard Beasley. From what I have found on the internet there doesn't seem to be one. I am related to Solomon Beasley and Rachel Taylor but I have several people that I share DNA with that list Richard Beasley and Martha Cook as their line.



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10 Mar 2017 15:38 #104 by Be**ley Web Lackey
Thank you for your question, Sharon. I can tell you that there is no YDNA connection between the two. If there is shared DNA it would be autosomal DNA that passes through both male and female lines. It would take some study to find the connection. Of course, it does depend on the accuracy of the trees reported by other tested people.

Solomon Beasley who married Rachel Taylor was a son of John Beasley b abt 1685 in Maryland and settled in Craven County NC (Beasley Island). This line has been tested and confirmed in as "Blue Clan" in our YDNA project.

Richard Beasley who married Martha Cook is, by paper documentation, a grandson of William Beasley b about 1650 in England who is the YDNA confirmed Patriarch of the "Yellow Clan", a distinct genetic line from Solomon. On paper, Richard was a son of John Beasley who was a son of William.

However, Richard is YDNA tested to NOT match William 1650. Richard is the confirmed patriarch of the "Purple Clan" designation in our project. What this means is that Richard or his father did not have a biological father who was a Beasley. The YDNA evidence shows that Richard's DNA is related to a Cook family. I know this sounds odd that his wife was a Cook. At this point, we don't know if they were related in some way or if the name was a coincidence.

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